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News for the visitors

  • Update about the Kos Island

    Since Kos Island was in the spotlight due to the recent earthquake that happened on the 21st of July, the Mayor of Kos made the following statement:


    The residents of          Kos Island as well as all its visitors have returned to their regular pace after the powerful earthquake in our area with the immediate assistance of the Municipality of Kos and all the involved operators.


    Despite the earthquake's great scale, no severe damages were noted as the majority of the touristic infrastructures managed to withstand the unfortunate phenomenon and the visitors continue their vacation without any problem.


    All public buildings have been thoroughly checked by the appropriate technical operators that visited our area for this reason while the great majority of hotels and touristic infrastructures are safe and continue operating without any issue.


    The airport continues its regular operation even from the first day and the ship line connection with the rest of Greece is temporality happening in the port of Kefalos until the damages in the main harbor are fully repaired.


    The Municipality of Kos immediately created new facilities for the passport checking department in the harbor of Kos and the service of all visitors as well as travelers is taking place without any issue.


    The roads are in an excellent shape, the damages are limited only to old buildings which have already been evacuated for safety reasons until the restoration of all damages while the island is being provided with all the necessary goods without any inconvenience. 


    Kos Island was greatly tested and proved itself to be extremely tough. It is the third most popular touristic destination in Greece and is looking forward to welcoming its friends.



                                                             Municipality of Kos

                                                                   Press office          ​

  • Announcement on Visitor Transport
  • Kos Mayor Statement

    George Kyritsis: "Kos endured the tough situation and is back to its normal pace. Smiles have returned on people's faces, our visitors show their trust in our Island"


    The Mayor of Kos Island Mr. George Kyritsis made the following statement:


    Kos went through a great difficulty but it showed that it is made of hard and lasting materials.


    Kos endured this challenge and will come out of it stronger than ever.


    The majority of the hotels' infrastructure was proven to be safe and secure for our visitors who are continuing their vacation as the phenomenon seems to be relieved.


    Kos has returned back to its normal pace of a unique tourist attraction.


    Our smile is back. All of us are wearing our best smile for our visitors.


    We have proven that we know how to come back from tough situations and overcome all the problems and difficulties.


    We have proven ourselves previously in the case of the immigrants and we will prove ourselves once again now!


    Everything that was damaged will not only be built again but also will be better.


    All together, united as one, send the message that Kos is the most beautiful destination.


                                                                                              Municipality of Kos

                                                                                                  Press office



  • Kos, 21/07/2017

    Following the earthquake on Kos Island and the unfortunate event of the loss of two young tourists, Mayor Mr. George Kiritsis expressed his deeply sympathy for their families "People of Kos are deeply shocked by the loss of two young people and we express our condolences to the families of the victims."

    The Municipality, the associations and all citizens of our Island, are working hard to support the island and its guests'.

    The situation in Kos Island is absolutely under control, and the island is gradually returning to normality.

    The airport is in full operation and flights are running to and from all destinations abroad, with only minor delays expected during the day.

    Only a very limited number of old buildings in a very small part of the city center and the harbor have been affected with minor damages and in general, all tourists' infrastructure and accommodation is safe.

    The national and local authorities has come together incredibly quickly in close cooperation with the municipality of Kos are doing their best to ensure that every visitor's needs are met.


                                                                                              Municipality of Kos

                                                                                                  Press office 

  • Ippokratia 2016

    ​Agenda of ippokratia 2016





  • Hippocratia 2014 Program

    Hippocratia 2014 from municipality of Kos Island


      Hippocratia 2014

  • The Official on-line Tourist Guide of Kos Island supported by the Municipality of Kos
    ​The Official on-line Tourist Guide of Kos Island supported by the Municipality of Kos.​​
Travel Notebook
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