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Pyli is located 15 kilometers to the southwest of the town of Kos. It is easily accessible via the well preserved road connecting the settlements of the island, by car, by public bus or taxi. In ancient times the name was Peli. It is built in the middle of the island, in a lush valley of olive trees and gardens. In the center of the village there is a picturesque square surrounded by beautiful traditional stone houses, cafes and small restaurants with delicious “mezes”. Local attractions include the village's traditional "Pyli House", laid out with three rooms representing the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom of a traditional house of old, complete with furniture and utensils. Within 100 meters, there is a large spring of cold water, which runs from the 6 major founts. Ancient tombs located nearby, are in oral tradition tied to the local hero Harmylos. Next to the chapel of the Cross stands the impressive Harmylion, a burial chamber of the Hellenistic era, also connected with the cult of the hero and his descendants. Two kilometers away from Pyli is an artificial lake, the waters of which irrigate the nearby crops of the plain. The good taverns of the village offer local and European cuisine.

 In February in Pyli, the carnival is accompanied by a genuine carnival fest, while the celebration of St. George is celebrated every year with a festival and unique Horse races.  A festival also takes place during the summer, on June 23, for the feast of St. John of Klidona. Finally, for almost the whole August municipal authorities organize cultural events that attract many people.

Smaller sights neat the region:

Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: At Psoriaris hill, there is a small temple dating back from the fourth century BC and is dedicated by the residents of the era to Demeter and Kore Persephone. In the museum of Kos, you can find some statues found at the sanctuary.

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