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Kos (Town)


The capital of the island is the beautiful city of Kos, built on the island’s southeastern  side. In the city there are about 18,000 residents of the island's total 34,000. Modern Kos is built on the spot of its ancient predecessor.
History and culture encompass every corner of the city, through the ancient ruins and a number of historical monuments that coexist with present days.
The ancient town of Kos was founded in 366 BC, but its history reveals that the position was inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. It particularly flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman eras, when it was seen as one of the most important financial and commercial centers of the known world until then.
Upon arrival to the island, its history unfolds to the visitor, its imposing ancient castle on the harbor and  the Governor’s office, dominating the island’s primary view. Within striking distance, the historic Tree of Hippocrates, father of medicine rests.
Everywhere one can find scattered samples of cultures that have passed through the island. Ancient buildings, classical Venetian style buildings, traditional Dodecanese architecture and modern buildings coexist harmoniously, whispering of the island’s many conquerors.
Kos, except for being the island of Hippocrates is well known as the island of cycling. A notable feature of the town is the bicycle path along the coastal road and in the heart of Kos. A favorite means of transportation for residents and visitors, offering comfort and flexibility and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy the sights and natural beauties of the place, the bicycle is the ideal companion for exploring the island.
Kos Town is considered one of the greenest in the Dodecanese. Palm trees, bougainvilleas, pines, acacias, oleanders and the characteristic red hibiscus await the visitor at every step through the city.
Wherever someone stands, he can admire elements of multiculturalism in Kos. The modern city is a true cosmopolitan city that offers many options and amenities to its visitors. Accommodation for all tastes and budgets, restaurants with Greek and international cuisine, modern and traditional cafes, bars and nightclubs. The market of Kos retains its ancient heritage and remains known for the huge variety in clothing and souvenirs. Beautiful beaches, organized or not, sport facilities, water sports, cultural festivals and cultural events are some of the activities you can enjoy in the city.
If you select the city of Kos for your stay or for a visit, do not miss the Archaeological Museum, the Asclepion, the Tree of Hippocrates, Fortress of Neratzia, Ancient Agora, the Roman house, the Roman Odeon and the natural beauties, such as the wetland in Psalidi and Therma.

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