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Antimachia, a traditional village built on a small plateau near the center of the island, is 24 km away from Kos town and hosts the International Airport "Hippocrates".
Antimachia is one of the earliest settlements of the island, having borne the same name for nearly 3000 years. The villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and in recent years with tourism.
One of the most interesting sights of the village is the "Traditional House", representative of the traditional house of Antimachia of the 19th and 20th centuries. Of particular interest is the traditional mill, an old mill that today gives visitors the opportunity to learn how the mills once operated. About 4 miles southeast of the village lie the ruins of the Medieval Castle of the Knight’s of Saint John.
Antimachia is famous for the preservation of the local customs and especially so as the heir to the musical tradition of the island. The hospitable people show special love for traditional music and local dances. Guests have the opportunity to admire the art of the locals, but also participate in the feasts of the Saint Apostles (June 30) and Assumption.
The local ladies are known for their mastery in matters of cuisine and hospitality. In honey festival every summer, guests can enjoy homemade desserts made by delicious local honey.

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