Beaches in Kos island

A genuine beach destination

With a 112 kilometre coastline, Kos is considered a genuine beach destination offering dozens of shores, making it a challenge for visitors to decide where to spend their time. Long stretches of golden sand rule most of the island’s coasts, creating wide and easily accessible beachfronts. When most islands offer one single type of beach, Kos provides diversity boasting a wide array of fascinating seascapes. Whether you wish to be pampered on comfortable sun beds or live the adventure of exploring some of the island’s most secluded crystalline seas, Kos offers a bit of blue to everyone. In fact, 12 of its coasts are labeled with the world-famous Blue Flag. Exotic stretches of sand, pebbled bays, rocky coves, emerald waters and hot thermal springs; you name it, Kos has it. Let the exploration begin and may the endless daylight of summer be with you!

Kos Island Greece