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Folklore traditions and customs

From horse races, church celebrations and honey feasts, to folklore customs and ancient traditions blessing new year's fruits, Kos boasts a wide array of customs to witness. Several festivities and fairs are related to religion, thus celebrated with local delicacies and traditional dancing in churchyards. Some others, with a deep-rooted loyalty to tradition, revive with a sole focus on passing down the island’s customs. Mingle with the locals to discover the island's colourful folklore traditions, passed down from generation to generation.

& events
Find out about Hippocratia, the single cultural festival honouring the island's heritage. Discover Kos' world-class conference infrastructure and exclusive wedding venues, where talented vendors organise once-in-a-lifetime events.


Want to attend the island's biggest cultural festival? Check out the event calendar to find all the daily events of Summer Hippocratia 2022!

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Peek into the inhabitants' private dwellings, by visiting a typical house replicant of the early-20th century or a traditional, yet still operational, windmill dating back to the 19th century!
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