Cycling routes

Explore Kos on two wheels

Here, we present to you 10 top cycling routes on Kos Island. Each route usually starts from a central road, which gradually becomes an off-road track before leading to spots where you can witness the enchanting natural beauty of the island.

Ride through lush forests with peacocks and lakes with turtles or pink flamingos. Apart from beautiful and challenging cycling routes, you can also visit a variety of historic places and dive deep into the island's history - or its crystal clear seas.

Cycle through white limed houses and booming alleys, or roam through fruitful olive groves and discover traditional villages and organic farms, wineries and more. Or ride your way up the mountains to admire marvellous sea views; Kos Island thrills everyone when explored on two wheels!

Difficulty levels

1: Very easy, ideal for beginners, without any off-road experience. There are no slopes, the route is almost flat. It is suitable for families with small children.

2: Easy route, requiring moderate off-road experience. It has a relatively good riding surface (asphalt, good dirt road, short stretches of dirt road with stones) and consists mainly of forest roads. The slopes range from 0% to 5% and do not exceed 10% in short sections.

3: Slightly more difficult route, requires off-road experience and good physical condition. The riding surface, in most of the sections, is mostly adequate gravel road but there may be holes, small obstacles such as logs, sticks and stones as well as potholes. Requires an MTB bike with appropriate equipment. The slopes are from 5% to 12% but not exceeding 17% in short sections.

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