Local cuisine

An fascinating gastronomic journey

Kos is an island with a long history, significant ancient monuments, countless beaches and scenic mountain villages, forming extraordinary natural landscapes. Apart from all the above, Kos is also home to a rich culinary tradition rooted in quality raw materials, and presents an array of traditional recipes and products.

Before the substantial tourism growth, back in the day most people in Kos used to occupy themselves in the primary sector with livestock farming, agriculture or fishing. Meat used to be the main source of protein for the islanders, so they used to store and cook it throughout the winter.

Local cuisine

Today, the primary sector still plays a significant role in the island’s gastronomy, offering a plethora of local produce and products that are vital to the island's traditional cuisine. Served with a lavish dose of the island's genuine philoxenia, Kos' recipes are made by making use of Kos' precious treasures, generously offered by the abundant fields and plentiful sea.

Just like every island in Greece, some dishes of Kos are closely connected to the local customs and religious festivities, while the island's fruitful terra firma and promising climate have given birth to many products of high nutritional value and few unique indigenous varieties of wine.

Local cuisine
Local wine cheese, olives and stuffed vine leaves with rice

Speaking of which, it is no coincidence that the island’s famous local cheese is called “krasotyri” - aka wine cheese! The recently labeled as P.D.O product (Protected Designation of Origin) by the European Union wine cheese or possa cheese, is literally dipped into red wine to get its unique and remarkable taste. All visitors of Kos take pleasure in this memorable delicacy!

Gastronomy is undeniably among a destination's cultural qualities. As a worthy representative of the Greek and Mediterranean diet, gastronomy in Kos has been shaped by many cultures and civilisations over the centuries. Ottoman influences blended with Aegean recipes, is simply an example of the island’s vast gastronomic diversity. Inspiring local recipes and mouth-watering delicacies come to complete this fascinating gastronomic journey through which visitors are sure to get a clearer view of the island’s true identity, customs and most importantly, its people.

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