Long-lived communities

The island's well-developed road network, tourism infrastructure and well-earned reputation for safety make it one of the most visited Greek islands, offering ample opportunities for frequent detours to admire the diverse landscape. The picturesque villages and traditional settlements, deserve a place atop one’s list of things to do whilst on Kos. From the ancient, thriving, seaside settlements to the mountainous ones offering panoramic views, Kos offers all holiday makers an opportunity to explore its long-lived communities.

Discover the island's diversity, which is evident through its remarkable archeological sites, Medieval castles and emblematic public buildings, found in almost every single settlement. The second-to-none flatness of the island grants easy access whether moving with a car, motorbike or even a bicycle! And if you are a hiking or mountain bike enthusiast, follow one of the several trails to reach even the most remote acres of the island.

Kos Island Greece